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I’m happy I joined the Robotics Club

April 6, 2022 By Gianfranco Martinez Staff Writer This year marks my first in the Robotics Club, and I am so happy I joined. Since I am interested in pursuing a career in data science or engineering, this is the perfect club for me. The Robotics Club, which is... More »


The pandemic led me to a dark place, and I’m glad I got help

Feb. 17, 2022 By Hannah Opalinski Staff Writer As it has for many people, the pandemic changed my life drastically. Soon after the pandemic hit in March 2020, I reacted by falling into a deep depression that continues through today, though I have made a lot of... More »


The legacy of Princess lives on in my heart

Jan. 4, 2022 By Joshua Ormaza Staff Writer Losing someone you love is a painful and surreal experience. Whether you have lost a person or a pet, knowing that you will never see your loved one again is one of the hardest experiences one can endure.  My first pe... More »


Back to school has been a mixed blessing

Nov. 22, 2021 By Skylar Girone Staff Writer Virtual learning has caused many unnecessary struggles in my life. Attending school online, though I found it difficult, was not meeting my academic needs. That said, as a new student at LHS this year, returning to i... More »


The struggles of online learning did not keep my sister down

June 15, 2021 By Emily Melleno Staff Writer When Covid-19 struck last year, my role as a big sister changed immediately. With school buildings closed, I had to step up to take care of my younger sibling Sofia. My parents helped my sister with her schoolwork, b... More »


Procrastination and perfectionism do not mix

June 9, 2021 By Samantha May Staff Writer One of the best feelings in the world is falling asleep inside a cold room. One of the worst feelings in the world is forcing yourself to wake up in the same cold room. This causes me to face a dilemma every night: Do ... More »


Nothing beats New York in the springtime

May 24, 2021 By Prires Sahiti Staff Writer One of the most inspirational places to go during the spring is New York City. Coffee shops and food establishments opened at full capacity on May 19, so the city is buzzing again. Everywhere you look, there are peopl... More »