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PlateUp! serves up fun for friends and family

June 2, 2024 By Esteban Ramirez Staff Writer PlateUp! is a restaurant management game that blends roguelite elements to create a chaotic experience best enjoyed with friends and family. It was released Aug. 4, 2022 on Steam and Feb. 15, 2024 for consoles. The ... More »


Hard times test friendship in ‘All My Rage’

May 20, 2024 By Amerie Diaz Staff Writer Young adult fantasy author Sabaa Tahir made her foray into contemporary fiction with her 2022 release “All My Rage,” a novel that follows two Pakistani Muslim teenagers on the brink of adulthood.  The book is divided in... More »


Taylor Swift’s latest album presents a melodic masterpiece

May 16, 2024 By Marez Melad Staff Writer There is good reason why pop singer-songwriter Taylor Swift named her most recent album “The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology.” In the double album consisting of 31 songs, Swift exposes her agony, heavy-heartedn... More »


Crime and tension fill the screen in ‘Deliver Me’

May 16, 2024 By Rina Tishuk Staff Writer In the dramatic five-episode limited series “Deliver Me,” two teenage best friends Bilal ‘Billy’ Ali (Yasir Hassan) and Douglas ‘Dogge’ Arnfeldt (Olle Strand) are recruited by Mehdi Bah (Solomon Njie), a gang leader kno... More »


In riveting mystery, surgeon’s intent comes under scrutiny

April 17, 2024 By Isabella Apple Staff Writer “The Surgeon” by Leslie Wolfe is a murder mystery like no other.  The plot focuses on protagonist Anne Wiley, a cardiothoracic surgeon who has a successful career until she loses her first patient, Caleb Donaghy, a... More »