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Adriana Rodriguez, editor-in-chief

June 21, 2023 Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of serving as an editor-in-chief, a role that challenged me in ways I never expected. I have spent countless hours after school formatting the newspaper and problem-solving pages that were difficu... More »


Emilia Calabrese, editor-in-chief

June 20, 2023 Walking through the halls as a freshman on the first day of school, I regarded the seniors as so much older and more mature than me. As I observed them, I wondered what the next four years would have in store for me.  It is surreal to be that sen... More »


Angela Ellis, webmaster

June 19, 2023 I started my first day at LHS with journalism, where I quickly realized I was the only freshman in the class. At that moment, my nerves were going crazy. However, from then on, I never ceased to surprise myself with my accomplishments. Even befor... More »


Lexi Augustyniak, copy editor

June 18, 2023 As I reflect on my four years, I am overcome with memories that I will always treasure. My time at LHS was awesome, and I will miss being in high school. Sports have played a crucial role in my life for as long as I can remember. I am proud of my... More »


Carolyne Mooney, editor

June 17, 2023 Since my freshman year, almost every senior I have encountered said, “High school goes by so fast.”  They were right. Once I realized I should enjoy every last bit of high school, I began to appreciate each moment.  The growth I have observed in ... More »


Justin Mayewski, staff writer

June 16, 2023 Looking back on my time at LHS, I am grateful and proud of all the experiences I will be taking with me. They have all helped me grow as a leader and person. I played football for three years, spending two of them on varsity. As a result of my me... More »


Michelle Gozdek, staff photographer & illustrator

June 15, 2023 I started high school as a naive freshman who had a myriad of assumptions about the upcoming four years. Although it has not been what I expected, I now know that everything unfolded perfectly and contributed to my personal growth. I was terrifie... More »


Mirka Cuadros, deputy editor

June 14, 2023 As I begin my senior tribute, I consider the words of convicted Australian editor and free speech activist Julian Assange, who said, “Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and ther... More »


Elize Cardona, staff illustrator

June 13, 2023 As the final days of high school are upon me, I reminisce about my time at LHS, which flew by faster than I could have ever imagined.  I’ve evolved over the years, and I’ve loved being a member of organizations including the Future Business Leade... More »


Caila Barreiros, staff writer

June 12, 2023 Wow, it’s finally my turn to write my senior tribute. After seeing my sister, Alexa, write her senior tribute three years ago, I was sure the journalism program would be a significant part of my high school career. I have been an active member of... More »


Sarah Rose Sammarone, staff writer

June 17, 2022 I can’t even describe how proud I am of everything I have accomplished during high school.  There were challenging moments that felt slow, but in general, these four years went by very quickly. Therefore, a piece of advice I would offer to the un... More »


Ella Tozduman, webmaster

June 17, 2022 As I reflect on my time in high school, I realize it is impossible to capture the joy of the past four years in a short senior tribute, but I’ll try my best.  Some of my happiest memories were formed on the field and on the court. I played both s... More »