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Sarah Rose Sammarone, staff writer

June 17, 2022 I can’t even describe how proud I am of everything I have accomplished during high school.  There were challenging moments that felt slow, but in general, these four years went by very quickly. Therefore, a piece of advice I would offer to the un... More »


Ella Tozduman, webmaster

June 17, 2022 As I reflect on my time in high school, I realize it is impossible to capture the joy of the past four years in a short senior tribute, but I’ll try my best.  Some of my happiest memories were formed on the field and on the court. I played both s... More »


Valentina Novak, staff writer

June 16, 2022 So many memories come pouring into my mind when I reflect on high school, and I keep coming back to the people who made the greatest impact on my life.  At the beginning of the pandemic, I was more than halfway through sophomore year and a studen... More »


John Mulvaney, staff writer

June 16, 2022 High school has been fun, and to be honest, I’m pretty sad that it’s almost over.  The pandemic obviously put a monkey wrench in my LHS experience, but I powered through it and came out a better person.  I’m glad I got to come to school for my se... More »


Madison Echols, staff writer

June 15, 2022 It is hard for me to believe I am about to graduate high school. Mostly because of the pandemic, it seems like I jumped from my sophomore to senior year. Yet here I am, writing my final article for The Lighthouse and dedicating it to those who ha... More »


Alexa Espinoza, managing editor

June 15, 2022 “Good morning, Lyndhurst High School!”  During mornings when I wasn’t running late or struggling to find parking, I found myself in the main office reading the morning announcements. I’m so glad I took on this job, as it was one of the most enjoy... More »


Stephanie Cerrito, senior editor

June 14, 2022 Isn’t it strange that as a kid, all you want to do is grow up?  Adulthood seemed so enjoyable and exciting because grown-ups appeared to have control over their lives, doing what they wanted without anyone telling them otherwise.  From a child’s ... More »


Aidan Cabrera, editor

June 14, 2022 It took me two years to get into the journalism elective class, but last year, it finally appeared on my schedule. The only problem was that I ended up spending my junior year learning online.  Despite the unique circumstances of the pandemic, th... More »


Sophia Barillas, podcaster

June 13, 2022 Nobody anticipates moving to a new school district their senior year, but I wouldn’t change a thing about my journey. Kearny High School and LHS will forever be my homes.  The lessons I’ve learned, the tears I’ve shed and the long nights I’ve spe... More »


Carolina Aguilar, managing editor

June 13, 2022 As graduation nears, I find myself reflecting on my time at LHS and thinking about the aspects of high school I’ll miss the most.  One of these is the band. The music program in this district is amazing, and I’m proud to say that I have been invo... More »


Alex Shapiro, editor-in-chief

June 24, 2021 Some people tend to overlook the power of a voice. Whether it’s typed, written on paper or spoken aloud, self-expression truly gives every person a chance to stand out. I came to this realization as a result of my work in the journalism program. ... More »


Julia Glowacki, webmaster

June 24, 2021 I had no idea what to expect when I moved to Lyndhurst my junior year. On the first day of school, I received my schedule, arrived late to class after getting lost in the halls and grieved about not having my friends with me. My original schedule... More »